Croc File Sharing Utility 💻

Recently I came across a great tool for quickly sharing files across a network, croc. The tool works in the command line and allows two users to transfer data between two computers using a relay, data is encrypted using PAKE.

What is really useful is transfers can be resumed if they are interrupted.

I have been using this on a number of film production projects to quickly send pdfs and cdl’s with on-set colour decisions to our data management workstation which is operated off set. Generally the tool works well, and is much quicker than email or using a usb stick. However we have noticed that with larger transfers the utility does become less reliable, with transfers often freezing. We did get around this by using a self hosted docker image to host our own relay.

The croc utility is easy to install with the following command:

curl | bash

Which will download the correct version for your system. On macOS you can install the latest release with HomeBrew

brew install croc
Howard Colin @hdc_digital