Yubikey for 2FA

I recently got hold of a couple of Yubikeys as an additional security measure. These are small devices that are plugged into computers or phones/tables and act as a physical 2FA method, some models can even be purchased with NFC capability.

So far the experience has been pretty good, most services I use have worked well with the security key and the process of using it is pretty simple. Plug in when prompted, touch the button and you’re good to go. The only account that I found tricky to work with was Microsoft 365 for business, for some reason I couldn’t find the security key settings in my account management panel.

Having this system set up for a while now, I wondered if it would be possible to set up a little security key server on my local network. The server could be a raspberry pi, and the key would be plugged into its USB port permanently. The USB port would then be shared over the local network with USB over IP. This way all computers connected over the local network can share the same security key. As opposed to having to unplug and move it to and from each computer I am working on at the time.

Think I will come back to this in the future to see if I can work something out, more to follow.

Howard Colin @hdc_digital